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My family and I came here for my brothers 21st birthday and it was amazing! I'm so happy we came here the whole night was filled with fun and laughter!! My brother had such a great night!! The staff there was friendly and attentive!! The staff on stage were hysterical and we left with out stomachs hurting from laughing so much! This place rocks!!!
Samantha B.
Keller, TX
This place is cool ... check this out .... you can lose a few really good hours here .... so much fun .... So, everyone who says its smoky ... its a pianos. Everyone who says there are drunk people, its a pianos. If you want to go to a pianos, this place is fun. If you don't like the music, request something different. Cause they'll play it ... pretty much guaranteed. Devil Went Down to Georgia ...
Chris C.
Berwyn, PA
This place rocks! Pete's: the Best part of my visit to Fort Worth. I didn't try any cocktails, just beer, so I can't say how the pianos is, but the wait staff was great! They were busy but we never had to wait and they were always pleasant and upbeat. The show is AWESOME! "Phenomenal" doesn't describe how great the show was. There are four players who take turns in sets and they're ALL great. The humor is great, the music is loud and the whole night was fantastic. I couldn't recommend this place any more emphatically. They don't serve food, so don't go hungry. (They will assist you in phoning in a pizza order to eat there.) Cover charge is $10. Beer list is good. Looked like they have a comprehensive, well stocked pianos. Door staff, wait staff, bouncers and piano players are ALL great. They do allow smoking inside, so be forewarned. They were jam packed but well spaced enough to be able to move around to restrooms and pianos. Oh: Ladies: be forewarned your restroom line can be long. Lastly: The Piano Players. Their humor is SPOT ON! They play a HUGE repertoire. And they pay for the drinks they say their going to pay for. These guys made this the best event on my whole trip through Fort Worth. Keep up the great work!
Atwood, CA
I had a really good time at this place. Centered right in the heart of the downtown district of Ft. Worth the location is great as well. Let me give you a couple of tips, then we will get to the good stuff. Don't take a cab there, simply walk. Cabs are expensive in Ft. Worth and the walks are short. A 4 dollar cab ride turned into 20 bucks with tip for the 5 of us. Then there is a 10 dollar cover once you get there. If you can manage this gauntlet, tip the pianos tenders and piano players well and you will have a blast! Everyone is really friendly and they play great music. If you tell the bouncer inside it is someones birthday they will hook you up with a great table. Poison on the piano? Yeah, I am a fan! We sang, we danced, but most of all we had a great night. Make sure you stop here, it is worth your time!
Brian S.
Frederick, MD
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Hood County, I wanted to say "Thank you" to Pete's Dueling Pianos for such great entertainment at our recent fundraiser event!
Pete's Dueling Pianos is not just a couple of guys playing the piano. They are entertainers, in the true sense of the word. Their abilities in "reading the audience" and fitting the show to the crown are phenomenal. The attendees of our fundraiser were not "audience", but rather participants....engaged in the antics and a part of the show! It was exactly what we were looking for!
We've received so many comments on what a great time everyone had at our event. It was different than anything that we've tried in the past, and it was truly a blast watching people sing and dance, and enjoy themselves....even at a FUNdraiser! Imagine that......It was FUN!
Thank you, again, for your help with all of the arrangements. Your quick responses and tolerance of all of my many questions was really appreciated! You were very, very helpful and a breeze to work with!
We would recommend Pete's Dueling Pianos "To-Go" at every opportunity! Thanks again for such a great time!
Becky Mauldin


Thats right, another Petes location, our third, was born. It opened its doors in August 2004 in Fort Worth, Texas. We have kept expectations high and entertainment flowing. You will find that our piano players and staff will do everything they can to bring back old memories and help create some new ones in the process, while playing everything from hip-hop to pop and classic rock. We promise you will have the time of your life!

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