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We had so much fun here the first night we came back the second night too!! The piano guys are AMAZING!! I've been to other pianos and the talent hasn't been this good or this interactive with the audience. Something that stood out for me was that when we left the first night each player stopped us and thanked us for coming. We had been there the entire night and they recognized that which I thought was pretty cool! They played a wide variety of music and worked very hard to get through everyone's requests. The only downside is that there were a lot of bachelorette parties on Saturday night. Maybe too many for my liking but I do have to give the players credit for making a point to highlight each of the parties. Nevertheless the music was great and so very entertaining. I will definitely be back!!!
Aliza T.
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Dueling pianos is something I have always wanted to do and it was hands down one of the most fun evenings I've ever had. The pianists seem to know every popular song of the last forty years and they also have competitions between each half of the pianos or have people in the front rows get up and make a fool of themselves (don't sit up front if you're shy!). Of course it's pricey, between $8 cover and $6 bottles, but if you pace yourself you can spend a few hours without emptying your wallet. Go, make a request, and enjoy!
Mike K.
Montgomery, NJ
A guaranteed great time for out of town guests and locals alike. Great music, comedy and fun performances wrapped into a single show. My friends and I went on a Monday night and the place was filled but not packed. Music starts after 9pm.
Patty F.
Roseville, CA
It's amazing! We got some alcohol and in a pretty good mood. Both pianists were great and endless singing, old school, rap and all the alternatives. They also do drums and make the atmosphere awesome! Audience were happy and dancing around. It has two floors and we were on the second floor and looking down and dancing. Jeez I love the place and wish we have something similar in LA so that i can hang around more!
Julia Z.
Pasadena, CA


Petes Dueling Piano Bar #1 first opened its doors on the world-famous 6th Street on April 4,1998 in Austin, Texas. Petes Peanut became Petes Dueling Piano Bar, discovering two is better than one. Thats when we brought in not one, but three more piano players to perform each night on two side by side, baby grand pianos. It all began with these four pianists: Arch Hooks, Keith Kelly, Mike Squillace, and David Poindexter. This team brought a rock and roll atmosphere to the bar, and zinged the crowds together for nearly a year before other piano players began to enter the rotation. Although we changed the name to Petes Dueling Piano Bar and have since said goodbye to the tasty barrels of peanuts, the sweet memory of the scattered shells still remains.

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