If you're asking yourself, "Who the hell is Pete?", then you're not alone. The Pete of Pete's Dueling Pianos is many things. Pete is the piano player, the door staff, the wait staff, and the bartenders. Pete is Austin's hardwood floors, the energy that bristles throughout each of our locations. But at the end of the day, Pete is one thing above all else: you. Because at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, YOU are the entertainment. You're the one whose singing, clapping, dancing, and laughing infuse the bar with an infectious excitement night after night. That's the reason why you keep coming back each and every time to keep the party going. That is Pete.

Pete's guests have been busting a move and singing their hearts out ever since the first Pete's Dueling Piano Bar opened back in 1992. The one-man show at Pete's Peanut Bar & Piano Emporium in Austin, TX, grew to become Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in 1998, a major milestone on its journey to becoming the Pete's we know and love today. Now, 29 years after the birth of Pete's and 4 locations in the great state of Texas, we are officially opening in the Midwest!