I Love Petes! Such a perfect place for visitors that want a Dallas experience they won't forget! I've been to Petes on numerous occasions and have never left disappointed. I would recommend calling weeks in advance and reserving a table. The Saturday tables book up MONTHs in advance because of the bachelorette parties that attend. Fridays you can typically get away with scheduling something on shorter notice. Full bars on both sides on the building and typically opportunities to win free shots!
Katie F.
Plano, TX
I would highly recommend Petes Dueling Piano Bar for a fun night out with friends. My husband and I were invited by a group of friends, and I must admit it was a very different experience for me. After a couple of drinks, I was able to join in on lots of singing and dancing! The crowd is amazing, and sure know how to have a great time.
Marv H.
Carrollton, Dallas, TX
Sooooo much fun!!! Came here for my boyfriends birthday and New Years Eve festivities! It was pretty busy, but we found a corner to hang out in. The performers were absolutely fantastic. Played a lot of familiar hits along with the college fight songs segment. I loved the countdown and balloon drop. The bartenders were actually really quick and got to everyone in a flash! This is a great place for parties and hanging with friends!
Molly K.
Plano, TX
I LOVE Petes. Every single time I go, I have a great time! It is a great place to hang out with friends and sing to your heart's content. I also really enjoy the piano players. They put fun twists to the song, which make the night so much more entertaining. Another plus is that they have strong drinks, so you get your monies worth! The only downside to Petes is that it can get crowded around 10-11ish. We haven't really encountered too much trouble and have been able to snag a table without ever waiting more than 5 minutes or so.
Victoria W.
Dallas, TX
We had so much fun here the first night we came back the second night too!! The piano guys are AMAZING!! Ive been to other piano bars and the talent hasn’t been this good or this interactive with the audience. Something that stood out for me was that when we left the first night, each player stopped us and thanked us for coming. We had been there the entire night, and they recognized that which I thought was pretty cool! They played a wide variety of music and worked very hard to get through everyone's requests. The only downside is that there were a lot of bachelorette parties on Saturday night. Maybe too many for my liking but I do have to give the players credit for making a point to highlight each of the parties. Nevertheless, the music was great and so very entertaining. I will definitely be back!!!
Aliza T.
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Pete’s Dueling pianos is something I have always wanted to do, and it was hands down one of the most fun evenings I've ever had. The pianists seem to know every popular song of the last forty years, and they also have competitions between each half of the bar or have people in the front rows get up and make a fool of themselves (don't sit up front if you're shy!). Of course, it is pricey, between $8 cover and $6 bottles, but if you pace yourself, you can spend a few hours without emptying your wallet. Go, make a request, and enjoy!
Mike K.
Montgomery, NJ
A guaranteed great time for out of town guests and locals alike. Great music, comedy, and fun performances wrapped into a single show. My friends and I went on a Monday night, and the place was filled but not packed. Music starts after 9 pm.
Patty F.
Roseville, CA
It's amazing! We got some alcohol and in a pretty good mood. Both pianists were great and endless singing, old school, rap, and all the alternatives. They also do drums and make the atmosphere awesome! The audience was happy and dancing around. It has two floors, and we were on the second floor and looking down and dancing. Jeez, I love the place and wish we have something similar in LA so that I can hang around more!
Julia Z.
Pasadena, CA
My family and I came here for my brothers 21st birthday, and it was amazing! I’m so happy we came here the whole night was filled with fun and laughter!! My brother had such a great night!! The staff there was friendly and attentive!! The staff on stage were hysterical, and we left without stomachs hurting from laughing so much! This place rocks!!!
Samantha B.
Keller, TX
This place is cool ... check this out .... you can lose a few really good hours here ... so much fun... So, everyone who says its smoky ... its a bar. Everyone who says there are drunk people, its a bar. If you want to go to a bar, this place is fun. If you don't like the music, request something different. Cause they’ll play it ... pretty much guaranteed. Devil Went Down to Georgia ...
Chris C.
Berwyn, PA
This place rocks! Petes: the Best part of my visit to Fort Worth. I didn't try any cocktails, just beer, so I can't say how the bar is, but the wait staff was great! They were busy, but we never had to wait, and they were always pleasant and upbeat. The show is AWESOME! "Phenomenal" doesn't describe how great the show was. There are four players who take turns in sets, and they're ALL great. The humor is great, the music is loud and the whole night was fantastic. I couldn't recommend this place any more emphatically. They don't serve food, so don't go hungry. (They will assist you in phoning in a pizza order to eat there.) Cover charge is $7. The beer list is good. It looked like they have a comprehensive, well-stocked bar. Door staff, wait staff, bouncers, and piano players are ALL great. They do allow smoking inside, so be forewarned. They were jam-packed but well-spaced enough to be able to move around to restrooms and bars. Oh: Ladies: be forewarned your restroom line can be long. Lastly: The Piano Players. Their humor is SPOT ON! They play a HUGE repertoire. And they pay for the drinks they say they're going to pay for. These guys made this the best event on my whole trip through Fort Worth. Keep up the great work!
Atwood, CA
I had a really good time at this place. Centered right in the heart of the downtown district of Ft. Worth, the location is great as well. Let me give you a couple of tips; then we will get to the good stuff. Don't take a cab there, simply walk. Cabs are expensive in Ft. Worth and the walks are short. A 4 dollar cab ride turned into 20 bucks with the tip for the 5 of us. Then there is a 7 dollar cover once you get there. If you can manage this gauntlet, tip the bartenders and piano players well and you will have a blast! Everyone is really friendly, and they play great music. If you tell the bouncer inside it is someone's birthday they will hook you up with a great table. Poison on the piano? Yeah, I am a fan! We sang, we danced, but most of all we had a great night. Make sure you stop here; it is worth your time!
Brian S.
Frederick, MD
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Hood County, I wanted to say "Thank you" to Petes Dueling Pianos for such great entertainment at our recent fundraiser event! Petes Dueling Pianos is not just a couple of guys playing the piano. They are entertainers, in the true sense of the word. Their abilities in "reading the audience" and fitting the show to the crown are phenomenal. The attendees of our fundraiser were not "audience," but rather participants....engaged in the antics and a part of the show! It was exactly what we were looking for!
We've received so many comments on what a great time everyone had at our event. It was different than anything that we've tried in the past, and it was truly a blast watching people sing and dance, and enjoy themselves....even at a FUNdraiser! Imagine that......It was FUN! Thank you again for your help with all of the arrangements. Your quick responses and tolerance of all of my many questions were really appreciated! You were very, very helpful and a breeze to work with! We would recommend Pete's Dueling Pianos "To-Go" at every opportunity! Thanks again for such a great time!
Becky Mauldin
I was out on a business trip with my crew, and we were visiting Houston for an entire week. All of us needed a place to let loose and get silly, and that's when we discovered Petes Dueling Piano Bar. If there were one thing I took from this experience, it would have to be a simple fact that Houston knows how to party! This place was Rockin, the bartenders were very fast and friendly, and they are definitely heavy-handed when it came to the liquor. If I do recall, two shots was a little less then ten bucks. WHAT A DEAL!So if you are in town visiting or the area, Petes Dueling Piano Bar will guarantee you and your friends a good time. Make sure to wear your party pants that night!
Richard T.
Westminster, CA
Really neat place! Definitely someplace you want to visit at least once in your life. The crowd is average late 20s - mid-40s. The pianists are very talented and have a high knowledge and cornucopia of music selections and lyrics memorized in their brains. Omg! I don't know how they do it! If you have a birthday and let them know, be prepared to go stand up on the stage with them and let them poke fun at you and/or sing sexually charged up songs to you. Its all for fun!
Natasha G.
Houston, TX
So I've never been to a piano bar, and this was a TON of fun! I went on a Saturday night, and there was a cover charge. I don't think it was too much ($7 I think, someone else paid for me :)). This is definitely one of those places that require a decent size crowd and a good group of friends to accompany you. Fortunately for me, I had that, and we had so much fun. I was the DD, so I'm not too sure about the prices of drinks. I think it was pretty standard, $6-7 for a mixed drink? This was a definite upgrade from House of Blues which had no one in it on a Saturday night. Next stop is Howl at the Moon!
Samira K.
Houston, TX
Have been to other piano bars before but this one was the best. I think the fact that there were actually 4 different guys that switched out and they also played guitar and drums along with the piano made it. The guys were all so talented; it was amazing to watch. If you enjoy music and the sing-along type, this is a must-do in Houston.
Anne B.
Orchard Park, NY